About Us

About Geis Companies Founder Erwin Geis, had always stressed to the Geis management team that hands-on knowledge coupled with theoretical know-how, will help exceed limitations. Erwin Geis, then a mason, began Geis Companies' proud tradition in 1967. Mr. Geis' signature-style, old-world craftsmanship, innovation and progressive construction technologies has grown and expanded its capabilities faster than any other industrial developer in Northeast Ohio.

The Geis Companies pioneered the concept of design/build development, starting with its first industrial park in Macedonia, Ohio. Now Geis Companies controls developments in over 16 locations in 10 cities.

Geis Companies has over 40 years of experience developing projects from 5 to 1,000 acres. Having successfully developed over 9,000 acres and design /built over 600 projects, we have the experience from site solution to delivering the final product.

With decades of commercial real estate development experience and a sound understanding of the construction industry, the Geis Team is able to provide the best possible service and return on investment to our clients.